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Guiding Your Business to Fiscal Success

Founded by Michelle Carlton, a Seasoned Business Professional with Over 30 Years of Experience

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Michelle Carlton is a seasoned business professional with a rich experience spanning over 30 years, marked by a deep understanding and practical know-how in strategic planning, financial management, accounting, and business development. Her diverse career path across various sectors has equipped her with a unique perspective and a balanced blend of leadership and business acumen.

In her role as a fractional CFO over the past decade, Michelle has adeptly handled financial responsibilities in industries as varied as agriculture, marketing, real estate, construction, manufacturing, and pharmacy. Her focus has been on key areas such as financial modeling, equity valuation, financial planning and analysis, mergers & acquisitions, and financial reporting, helping businesses to achieve their financial and strategic goals.

Before her consulting career, Michelle served as the CFO for a marketing firm and a wholesale and retail distributor. In these positions, she was recognized for her ability to enhance financial processes, reduce closing cycles, and increase efficiency through well-thought-out strategic planning. Her approach has always been hands-on, dealing with complex financial operations and leading diverse teams toward common objectives.

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Our Financial Services

At Carlton Financial Compass, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to drive your business toward fiscal success and strategic excellence, led by the expertise of Michelle.

  • Strategic Financial Planning: Tailored planning for long-term financial goals and business growth.

  • Financial Management and Accounting: Expert management of financial operations to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): Strategic guidance through complex processes of mergers, acquisitions, and business expansion.

  • Risk Management: Identifying and mitigating financial and operational risks for your business.

  • Financial Analysis and Equity Valuation: In-depth analysis and valuation services for informed financial decision-making.

  • Custom Financial Solutions: Unique solutions for specific financial challenges and opportunities.


Dive deeper into each of our services and discover how CFC can guide your business to new heights.

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